Sam Hudson

Board Secretary

Sam Hudson currently works at the Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP) leading the Aquatic Species at Risk project which looks to address the threats of invasive species to at risk Atlantic salmon and Atlantic whitefish populations in Nova Scotia. Sam has had the opportunity to lead a variety of different projects and programs while working at CARP that focus on climate change, stormwater management, aquatic invasive species, water conservation and water quality monitoring. She has worked at CARP since 2016, taking time in between to work at Kejimkujik National Park (NP), with her position(s) mostly focusing on species at risk and ecological monitoring in the Park, along with assisting in coordinating the Parks first ever BioBlitz event(s)! In addition to this, Sam has also worked on side contracts to monitor the at risk Chimney Swift in specific locations throughout the province. When Sam is not working, she can be found spending most of her spare time volunteering for local eNGO’s and federal departments (Canadian Sea Turtle Network, Birds Canada, Parks Canada, Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI) and indigenous groups)), hiking with her husky, knitting and fermenting anything  she can get her hands on. Sam was drawn to MTRI through an internship opportunity to assess habitat, conduct visual surveys and live trapping efforts for Blanding’s Turtles and other species at risk in wetlands near proposed harvest blocks just outside of the Kejimkujik NP boundary. Since then, she has been actively volunteering on a number of different projects at MTRI – now being on the Board for the organization (2018), sitting on committees and serving as Secretary.